The Worst.

I don’t know if any of you have dogs. Yes? No? Wanting one? Want mine? Probably not. At least, not after I tell you this story.

I was having an absolutely lovely morning. It was raining all night, and all morning. I just love the rain! It makes everything so pretty and sparkly and it is so relaxing to fall asleep to!

I made up a batch of smoothies for the week, made lunches for myself and Jeremy, and took Blueberry over to Jeremy’s work so we could have lunch with him. It was really nice just sitting and chatting with him and playing with Blueberry, who was making faces and laughing at all of his coworkers.

Afterwards we stopped by the library to pick out 2 “new” books for Blueberry, and I rented one for myself (digging The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare!).

We swung by the city hall so I could get my business license, and the ladies there absolutely fell IN LOVE with Blueberry! I thought one of them wasn’t going to give her back!

Then we decided to head back home. I get home, and the first thing I see when I walk in the door is a butter wrapper. What the hell? I had apparently left a box of baking supplies on the coffee table when I left. Clover had somehow gotten up on the table, into the box, and then into the butter box, pulled out one stick (JUST ONE!), and eaten the entire thing. She then proceeded to puke butter all over the apartment.

Let me just say that half-solidified dog butter puke is the worst thing I have ever tried to clean up in the life. And I’ve dealt with meconium. This was just awful, and I was gagging, and it was just everywhere.

My dog is THE. WORST. At least she’s cute.


Anyone still want her?