The Worst.

I don’t know if any of you have dogs. Yes? No? Wanting one? Want mine? Probably not. At least, not after I tell you this story.

I was having an absolutely lovely morning. It was raining all night, and all morning. I just love the rain! It makes everything so pretty and sparkly and it is so relaxing to fall asleep to!

I made up a batch of smoothies for the week, made lunches for myself and Jeremy, and took Blueberry over to Jeremy’s work so we could have lunch with him. It was really nice just sitting and chatting with him and playing with Blueberry, who was making faces and laughing at all of his coworkers.

Afterwards we stopped by the library to pick out 2 “new” books for Blueberry, and I rented one for myself (digging The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare!).

We swung by the city hall so I could get my business license, and the ladies there absolutely fell IN LOVE with Blueberry! I thought one of them wasn’t going to give her back!

Then we decided to head back home. I get home, and the first thing I see when I walk in the door is a butter wrapper. What the hell? I had apparently left a box of baking supplies on the coffee table when I left. Clover had somehow gotten up on the table, into the box, and then into the butter box, pulled out one stick (JUST ONE!), and eaten the entire thing. She then proceeded to puke butter all over the apartment.

Let me just say that half-solidified dog butter puke is the worst thing I have ever tried to clean up in the life. And I’ve dealt with meconium. This was just awful, and I was gagging, and it was just everywhere.

My dog is THE. WORST. At least she’s cute.


Anyone still want her?


Mother’s Day in the Mountains!

Our last day in the mountains was Mother’s Day! It was my very first Mother’s Day, and it was just lovely!


The morning started mellow, with a tea and cupcake breakfast with my mom and Blueberry.


We took a fun off-roading trip to go see the “Pregnant Tree.” (And get some awesome ideas for geocache hiding spots)


Pops got some cuddle time with Blueberry while Jeremy and I went on a quick and easy geocache up the street.


And then we cleaned up the cabin and headed back home to dinner at my Uncle’s house. Overall, busy but mellow day.


Tiny Handmade Stamps

So my newest obsession is tiny handmade stamps! A while back I bought a pink rubber carving block to make my own handmade stamps, and I experimented and made one or two… but the other day I discovered the joy and nearly-instant-gratification of tiny handmade stamps! I cut the remainder of my block into 1 inch squares, and challenged myself to come up with cute little images to put on each one.

Clover and Blueberry Stamps

For me, the fantastic part about this craft is how quick and easy they are to make. I can make one during a 20 minute episode of whatever’s on Netflix (or during Blueberry’s habitual 20-minute naps).

Here are all the ones I have made so far!

Tiny Stamps

Aren’t they just the cutest things ever?! I have an upcoming craft/adventure planned for some of these little guys. You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what it is!

The Battle Begins

If you only know one thing about Jeremy, it’s that he loves hockey. Specifically the Pittsburgh Penguins. Me? I’ve always rooted for the Anaheim Ducks. Growing up in Huntington Beach, I used to love going to see the Ducks play.

But now we have a problem. Little Blueberry hasn’t chosen a team yet! How can we possibly exist in a household where one of the members is undecided?! It just… no. No, I can’t accept it.

I was talking about this little issue to one of my coworkers, who proposed a very intriguing idea. The Penguins are the No. 1 seat in the East, and the Ducks are the No. 1 seat in the West. There’s a pretty good chance they could both make it all the way. Should both teams make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, whichever team is victorious gains Blueberry’s lifelong loyalty.

Jeremy and I have both agreed this is a fair and noble way to decide (and far less messy than a fight to the death with katanas… or nerf guns, which is our usual method of problem-solving). Stay tuned, folks! Blueberry’s loyalty is up for grabs!

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