Geocaching in the Mountains!

WE LOVE GEOCACHING IN THE MOUNTAINS! Oh my goodness, geocaching in the mountains has been SO much more fun than urban geocaching. We don’t have to worry at all about muggles, the views are spectacular, the geodogs can be off leash exploring, we’re surrounded by nature, and -sigh- just plain perfect! A little sad Clover couldn’t come up here with us (she’s too young and spazzy, plus she is small and moves like a prey animal), but that’s ok.


Jeremy wore Blueberry on our hike today, and Pops loaned her his beanie.

We went looking for 3 geocaches, and started with the hardest/furthest up the trail one. Me-Ma and Pops and their geodogs went with us for the first two.

Geocache One: Phoenix Rising

This one had a gorgeous view overlooking Lake Arrowhead and Victorville and the desert out that direction. Unfortunately we didn’t find this one, but now that we know what the containers look like (the same guy hid all three of the ones we were searching for today). But we got some great shots along the way!




Geocache Two: Don’t Look UP

This one was a nice, awesome, easy cache! Beautiful views, and I’m glad they pointed out “Toboggan Hill.” I’m sure Blueberry will love coming here in the winter when she’s a little bigger! We swapped one of my signature ATC’s and a green army man for a Team Bremis signature geocoin and a pack of Harry Potter trading cards.


Forgot to snag a picture of the ATC and the cache itself.

After this one, we noticed the geodogs were getting pretty tired and ready to head back, so Me-Ma and Pops took them back to the cabin, while Jeremy, Blueberry, and I went off in search of the third one by ourselves.

Geocache Three: Can You Find a Quercus Lobata?

Another nice and easy one, not far off of a side street. Mellow little trail. Perfect for kids and geodogs! Careful of the thorny bushes.

Jeremy, Blueberry, and Skittles posing with the find:


And we swapped out one of my signature ATC’s for that awesome pair of pink kid sunglasses that Blueberry is rockin’ in that photo. Here’s another picture:


All in all, we totally love geocaching in the mountains, and we are definitely going to be hiding some of our own up here in the not-too-far-off future! I don’t think there can be too many geocaches in an area like this, considering how many really cool little trails and things run all through this area. Hope you enjoyed a little view of our adventures this weekend!



First Day at the Cabin

The first day at the cabin has been beautiful and perfect! My mom and I decided to take Charlotte up a day earlier than the boys (Jeremy has work until 6.30am on Saturday, and my dad thought he was going to have to work Saturday in the morning). So we got all of our local work done early and headed up around 9.30 this morning.

We packed up her dogs and the car with all the stuff we needed, and headed up the mountain! When we got up here we unpacked the car, took a short stroll/walk/hike with the pups, and then came back to the cabin to finish the work we could do remotely. Finished that up pretty quickly, so we could go on a nice longer walk up the mountain.

We were on the lookout for all kinds of plants, but mainly trying to keep an eye out for the kinds we could forage. Miner’s lettuce grows in abundance in the shady areas, and there are supposedly some kinds of gooseberries and currants up here that make good jam and ice cream and stuff.

The other thing we were on the lookout for are some good hiding spots for geocaches. We probably won’t be hiding anything up here this time, but we are doing some recon so that we can put together some awesome hides for people. Being up here makes my creative juices flow! I’ve only been up here a few hours, and I already love it!

Here are some photos from our second hike – plants we saw, and some wonderful views!

Sierra Currant









Traveling with Babies

This week is a whole slew of special occasions. Thursday is Jeremy’s friend’s birthday. Friday is my Mom’s birthday. Saturday is Jeremy’s birthday. Sunday is Mother’s Day…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

So naturally we are getting the heck out of dodge this weekend to avoid all that crap! Haha just kidding. Well, we /are/ going out of town, but not to avoid it. We will be going up to my parents’ cabin in the mountains with them this weekend (where we will, indeed celebrate both my mom’s and Jeremy’s birthdays). My mom and I are leaving to go up on Friday mid-day, and my dad and Jeremy will meet us up there on Saturday, since both of them work until Saturday morning.

Just a short trip, nothing major. But we are looking forward to doing some geocaching in nature (urban geocaching definitely has some limitations… like LOTS OF MUGGLES EVERYWHERE!!), and mom says there is even a place that does karaoke on Saturdays. 🙂

As I talked to my mom about heading up there this weekend, my brain went into overdrive just thinking about all of the extra crap I’m going to have to bring now that I have a baby! On top of all of my own clothes and toiletries, I will also have to bring Blueberry’s bouncer, enough cloth diapers to last her the weekend, warm clothes and blankets in case it gets cold, shorter sleeved clothes because it’s hot during the day, her carrier, diaper wipes… I could go on, but I think you get the gist. (Not to mention I need to bring cake mix to bake a cake up there for the birthdays)

I guess I’m just coming to the realization that the baby is going to need a duffel bag all to herself, whereas Jeremy and I are planning to share one between the two of us.

All of that aside, I am definitely looking forward to heading up there this weekend, and getting some time out in nature. Hiking, biking, swimming in the lake, snuggling up by the fire… 🙂

This will be our first real trip going anywhere with the baby, and I’m sure I’ll probably forget SOMETHING that’ll make me kick myself… Does anyone have any tips for traveling with a baby? Or anything that I absolutely NEED to pack?

Spin-y Park and Night Cache-ing

So we decided that when we take the dog for walks, we’re going to try to go Geocaching or Atlas Questing at the same time. Clover is happy to be out and about. Blueberry is happy in her carrier. We are happy for the added excitement of looking for treasure!

Geocache One: Vista Bolsa Chica

Yesterday we went down to Spin-y Park (or, as the city calls it – Weider Park) to hunt for a couple of caches hidden there. The first one we went for there were a couple of teenage “muggles” hanging out near where it was hidden, so we decided to go after the second one, and then come back after.

Geocache Two: Squeezing One More in at Wieder

At the top of the bluff, heading towards the 2nd cache (can you see Skittles?):

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This was Blueberry’s second time facing outward in her carrier, and she loves it!

The view overlooking the Wetlands from the top of the bluff:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The field of daisies at the top of the bluff:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

When we got down to the area near where the 2nd one was hidden, there were some other muggles hanging out and chilling, so we decided to come back another day.

We went back up to the top of the bluff and around to the park again. The teenage muggles were gone, so we were able to hunt for the original cache we were going for. 🙂

KODAK Digital Still Camera

FOUND IT! I swear he was more excited than he looks in the photo, haha.

Because it was such a small container, there wasn’t much room in it to swap treasures. But someone had left a nice small rock in the bottom. So we swapped it out for some tiny origami stars, and a teacup sticker:

Vista Bolsa Chica

Then in the afternoon, my friend Ash sent me a text, asking about geocaching. I told her if she was interested in trying it out, she was more than welcome to come with us some time. We hadn’t been planning another adventure yesterday, but she sounded so excited that we decided to go search for a couple of easy ones in the Bella Terra area in the evening after the sun went down.

Geocache Three: Cache in a Field of Dreams

The first one we went after was on the campus of Goldenwest College. Nice, easy cache. Didn’t catch any photos of the search, but we swapped a container of bubbles for a little kid tambourine. Ash traded a lion coin thing for a lion stuffed animal.

Geocache Four: Ye Olde Geocache II

The next one we tried for was in Old World Village. The last note was that it was confirmed to be there, but we couldn’t find it. Perhaps because we were searching in the dark (and forgot to bring flashlights >.<, so we were using phones…). We’ll try again some time during the day.

Geocache Five: Dick’s Pick

The final cache we looked for yesterday was another successful one in the Michael’s parking lot near Dick’s Sporting goods. We swapped a Minnie Mouse/Daisy sticker for a little cupcake coin thing. Ash traded another coin thing (dunno if it was the zebra or the elephant) for a Hello Kitty coin thing. You can see the cupcake coin thing in the photo. It’s kinda small, but it’s there.



Yesterday I posted about our (unfortunately) anti-climactic Atlas Quest attempt down at Dog Beach… Today I have much better news! We went geocaching yesterday (with a handy little app I downloaded on my phone that turns it into a GPS!).

Geocache One: Louisiana Swamp in HB

Geocache Two: The Horse Course

Geocache Three: Rabbits’ Lair Redo

We made 3 attempts yesterday. The first 2 were sort of difficult ones, as we weren’t really sure what we were looking for. But the 3rd one we successfully found the cache!!

Rabbit's Lair Redo Cache

We signed the logbook, and swapped treasures. I left a 3D Artist Trading Card I had made a while back, and we took that cute little knit owl you see in the bottom corner. Isn’t he the cutest? I’ve decided to name him Skittles, and he is our new geocaching/adventure-having owl mascot! 🙂 Here’s a full body shot.

Skittles the Owl

Geocaching is decidedly fun, and so we made a trip to the local Dollar Tree to see if we could find some other treasures to swap with on future adventures. We found some little green army men, some Minnie Mouse stickers, and BUBBLES! I made little labels for the bubble containers, with the link to Clover and Blueberry on it, so if you found this blog because of the bubbles, LET ME KNOW! 🙂 Also, if you are the talented maker of that cute little owl, let me know that too! He is super awesome, and will be joining us on all future adventures!

Atlas Questing


A few days ago, Jeremy and I took Clover and Blueberry on an Atlas Quest for the first time. Actually, it was Jeremy’s first time too!

For those of you that don’t know what Atlas Quest is, it is very similar to geocaching, and is also known as letterboxing. If all of this is sounding like foreign gibberish, let me explain:

Somebody hides a secret little box with stuff in it, and you go on a treasure hunt for it. Depending on whether you are on an Atlas Quest, or hunting for a geocache, the box will contain different stuff, and you go about finding it in different ways.

In geocaching, the box will contain a bunch of little treasures other people have left behind. You take a treasure, and leave another in its place. To find the box, you are given GPS coordinates, and need a GPS tracker. Sometimes, you have to be clever and solve a riddle to discover the coordinates.

With Atlas Quest, the box contains a stamp and a journal. You have your own stamp and journal. You stamp their stamp in your journal, and your stamp in their journal. All of the stamps in your journal signify all of the adventures you’ve had! To find the box with Atlas Quest, you are given a series of clues or directions to follow to find the location of the box. Some people are clever and make the clues into cute little rhymes and things.

So we decided to go hunting for one that I have found before (albeit, years ago) down by Huntington Dog Beach. Unfortunately, the box was no longer there – the city had cut back some of the plants that worked to conceal the box, and probably threw the box away, thinking it was trash. We did have a fun time searching for it, though. And Clover and Blueberry enjoyed their trip to Dog Beach, even if we weren’t able to add a stamp to our journal to commemorate the trip… Maybe next time!

4-27-14 Dog Beach

The Story of the Pink Elephant Feetie Pajamas

The story of the pink elephant feetie pajamas is meant to be a funny one. It is also meant to be a “learn from our mistakes” type of story. It is the story of how my little Blueberry ended up with not one, but two pairs of identical pink elephant feetie pajamas, and why I was ok with this.

For those of you who follow @CloverBlueberry on twitter, you’ve probably seen these pink elephant feetie pajamas before. For those of you that don’t, you should totally follow @CloverBlueberry on twitter… and also here’s the pajamas I’m referring to:

1 Month

Now, this outfit was supposed to be her coming home outfit. But for those of you that remember her very first whiteboard picture, she was not wearing this cute little ensemble.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

See? Purple polar bear. Not pink pachyderms.

After I had Blueberry, I unfortunately had to be transferred to the hospital for observation. You can read all about THAT adventure in my post titled “My Birth Experience.”

Jeremy had changed Blueberry’s diaper only once while we were at the midwife’s clinic, and one of the midwives was there to help talk him through it. Once we got to the hospital, I was too exhausted to get out of bed, and he was on his own. He unbuttons her cute little pink elephant feetie pajamas, opens up her diaper, gets her all cleaned up, and then takes the old diaper out from under her butt. Before his inexperienced hands can shake open a new diaper and get it settled under her bum, she decided it would be a fantastic time to poop.

All. Over. Her. Pink. Elephant. Feetie. Pajamas.

It was like someone turned on the soft serve machine at the local DQ. And for those of you that have ever had a baby, you know just what newborn baby poop is like. Sticky black tar comes to mind.

Jeremy just watched with horrid fascination as she just kept going and going and going. I just laid on the bed laughing and laughing and laughing. Finally she stops, and Jeremy looks over to me with these big, pleading eyes, “Help?”

I managed to get out of bed and shuffle over to the table he was changing her at. “Well, that’s gotta go…” I said, still laughing, and pulled the baby out of her pink elephant feetie pajamas, and wrapped her up in a fresh clean diaper. There was absolutely no hope for those poor pajamas. They went straight into the trash can at the hospital. Unfortunately, being a first-time mom, I had not packed a backup onesie for her, so she spent the rest of the day snuggled up in a blanket with me until one of our parents brought her some spare clothes.

When we got home, I lamented the fact that they were gone. They were the only article of clothing we had bought for her (everything else was gifts from other people), and we had picked the outfit out special for her. We made the decision to go out and buy another pair of the pink elephant feetie pajamas, so I could dress her in them and take adorable pictures.

Moral of the Story:

1. Always have the next diaper ready (and preferably already under the baby’s butt) when you take the dirty one away.

2. When you go into labor, always have a spare onesie for the baby, just in case YOUR little Blueberry decides to poop all over their too!

3. Laugh it off! Parenting is hard, we are all going to make mistakes – especially the first time around! Clothes can be replaced, and memories like this will last a lifetime!