Baby Shenanigans and Dog Drama

That’s right, shenanigans have been declared!

We got out lovely Christmas trees over the weekend, and believe it or not, Blueberry hasn’t gone for them yet (at least not on my watch!). But Clover seems to think lying on the tree skirt in the sun is just the loveliest of past times. Which is probably is when you’re a 10-pound dog that’s terrified of people and other animals.

This morning after Jeremy fed Clover, Blueberry crawled over to Clover’s bowl, plopped herself down in front of it, and started picking all of the pieces of dog food out one by one and throwing them all over the floor. Clover stood just out of reach (as I said, terrified of people), whining that the baby was touching her food, but gratefully eating any flying pieces that came her way. Luckily I got over there before too much destruction was wrought, but good lordy! I was laughing pretty hard as I brushed off Blueberry’s hands and relocated her.

She has a habit now of heading straight for the sliding mirrors in the house if you leave her unattended for even a second. We have one sliding mirror at the end of the hallway, and another in our bedroom. Yesterday I went out to the living room to grab a diaper to change her, and left her in the bedroom. When I came back, I expected to find her digging through the little trash can next to the bed (another favorite past time), but as I glanced around the room, I didn’t see her. “Aww crap!” I thought, “Somehow I’ve managed to lose the baby in 5.2 seconds.”

I checked behind the door – no baby. I glanced around the hallway, wondering if I’d accidentally passed her up – no baby. Then I saw her move. She had crawled over behind the laundry basket to look at “the baby in the mirror” (the sliding mirror in the bedroom). She’s definitely crawling a lot faster than she was. She’s still not as fast as her friend L though, thank goodness! Good lord that kid has some wheels on him, and I am thankful for C2’s sake that he isn’t walking yet (though I don’t think “walk” will be in his vocabulary – RUN RUN RUN!).

We went on a trip to the tide pools over the weekend, and it was just perfect. The sun was just starting to sink low, and so the light was all golden buttery yellow, and the tide was super low. We climbed around on the rocks (Blueberry in her ring sling) for about an hour or so. Took a quick peek for a geocache that was supposed to be in the area, but with a 20-pound baby strapped to my chest, it was hard enough just climbing around and I wasn’t much help actually searching. We gave it up as a bad job after a short while. Jeremy actually snapped some pretty beautiful shots of the tide pools, and I shot a couple of cute ones of Blueberry.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Today we went for a walk at the park, and stopped by the library to drop off two movies that we had rented (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 and 2, since Jeremy just finished reading the books and hadn’t seen the movies yet). While we were there, we checked out the used book sale and bought Blueberry some “new” books for her library. We scored and got 17 for $5, all in GREAT condition! Most were .25 cents, but I did snag a couple of hardcover ones for .50 or $1. There was even a board book or two!

Blueberry has finally started showing some interest in food, particularly if we give her something to try while everyone else is eating. She went nuts for the mashed potatoes the other night, and today she was super excited to lick and mash on some baked zucchini. She isn’t really “eating” it yet, more just tasting and licking and exploring the texture of stuff in her mouth, but she is getting a bit of it.


One of the first things she got excited for were these frozen berry smoothie packs. At our house we eat them like popsicles (way healthier for you than real popsicles!). Now if she sees one of us eating one, she freaks out if we don’t share it with her.

Blueberry is getting really good at pulling herself up on stuff now. Yesterday she pulled herself up on Me-Ma (my mom), and today she pulled herself up on Me-Ma’s dog, Porthos (a big silly basset hound who loves her to pieces!).

All in all, things have been going pretty good over here. Jeremy just got promoted at work, he’s back on the day shift, which is nice. Despite Blueberry deciding to go to bed later lately, she is still the sweetest little thing when she’s awake, and we couldn’t be happier with our lot in life. 🙂

What baby shenanigans or dog drama have you got going on at your circus?


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