Week in the Mountains – Tue, Wed, Thurs

My parents decided to take a vacation and spend a whole week and a half up at the cabin in the mountains. Jeremy and I had planned on coming up Friday morning to join them for the long weekend. Plans changed when my mom invited me to come up early on Tuesday. So I got to spend a whole week up here in the beautiful mountains and Jeremy met us up here on Friday morning, because he couldn’t get any more time off of work.

View from the Top


My mom came back down the mountain for the day to do some work for a client and to run some errands. She picked me and Blueberry up while she was down there. We didn’t get up to the cabin until pretty late in the afternoon, so we didn’t really do much aside from eat dinner, haha.


Wednesday was the first day Blueberry has gone without seeing her Daddy at all. (Come to think of it, it’s the first full day I’ve gone without seeing Jeremy since we first started dating!) I packed it full of as much adventure and fun as I could, so I wouldn’t think about it too much…

After breakfast, my dad needed to head over to the local dump to drop off a truckload of branches and plywood and whatnot he had collected from the backyard and the shed. I offered to go with him, and asked if we could stop by a geocache that happened to be right across the road from the dump. He said sure and off we went.

Helping him unload the truckbed, I unknowingly ripped a hole in the knee of my jeans. I didn’t notice until I went to get back in the car and slammed my knee against the dashboard… Yea, I’m clumsy. I didn’t get hurt unloading the truck, but WATCH OUT FOR THAT DASHBOARD!

After we finished at the dump, he pulled across the street to the turnout where Sssssslithering Again is located. 100 feet through some pretty wild bushes and I was at Ground Zero. I started looking around, and even knowing what I was looking for, he still FREAKED ME OUT! I could clearly see the geocache sticking out the back end of him, and that his face was rather chewed up-looking… Even still, I threw a rock at him to make sure he was fake before attempting to pick him up!

Sssssslithering Again

Took him back to the truck to swap goodies (and try to retrieve a sucker someone had stuck in there and gotten all melted, but the leatherman was too wide) and sign the log book before returning him to his natural habitat and snapping a quick picture with Skittles the Adventure Owl.

Even in the car on the return trip, adventure was to be found! We heard a helicopter circling overhead and saw that it was one of the fire-fighting ones, with a long rope hanging down from it. We pulled over to the side and I was able to snap a few photos of it as it dropped its load (a telephone pole!) down to the team waiting to install it!



After we got back, we (my mom, dad, and I – with Blueberry strapped on) took a short hike up the normal trails. I didn’t bring my bag of geocaching/baby stuff because I had JUST fed and changed the baby, and we weren’t planning on being gone longer than a half hour. However, we ended up hiking to Phoenix Rising and poking around a bit in hopes of finding the geocache we had missed last time we’d been up that way. Since the last trip, I had looked over some of the comments made on the bottom, and seen a picture of what appeared to be the cache (or, you know, a rock). With a better idea of what we were looking for this time, it was only a few moments before my dad shouted out that he’d found it!

Phoenix Rising

…But I’d left all my geocaching supplies in my backpack in the cabin. I sadly placed the unopened cache back where my dad had found it, and we trekked back to the cabin. I planned to come back once Jeremy joined us.

However, fate had other plans. A couple of my parents’ friends (who were camping in the area) came by the cabin for dinner, and everyone decided to head out on another hike. We started up, letting our friends decide where and how far they wanted to go. We ended up passing right by Phoenix Rising again. This time I had thought ahead and brought my bag! This was our first ever redemption, and I must say it makes me very happy!

Going Hiking

After a nice dinner with the company, dad’s friend pulled out his little Honda motorcycle and my dad and he were taking turns riding up and down the street on its little souped up engine. I asked my dad if I could take a ride, and he let me hop on back as we did a loop down to the end of the street and back. Not super exciting by most people’s standards, I guess, but it was my first time on a motorcycle, and I can see the appeal, haha.


My parents left around 9 in the morning to head back down the mountain for the day (mom needed to do some more work for a client on-site, and then they had tickets to a play in the evening). This left me and Blueberry up at the cabin all day with Porthos and Chloe (my parents’ pups). It was a mellow day. I did some work remotely, the weather was decidedly bi-polar, and Blueberry slept on and off throughout the day.

The weather: we had been told that Thursday would be rain and thunderstorms, then just rain, then possible snow… but it dawned sunny and beautiful. After my parents left down the mountain and I started working, it started sprinkling on and off a little bit. Then after a nice long sunny spell, with no warning, it just starts HAILING! I was so stunned I just stood at the window and stared instead of taking a picture like I should have. Five minutes later it turned into dumping rain, and another five minutes after that it lightened up and then stopped. It rained/sprinkled a couple more times on and off, and by about 4 in the afternoon, it was back to being sunny and beautiful.


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