Geocaching in the Mountains!

WE LOVE GEOCACHING IN THE MOUNTAINS! Oh my goodness, geocaching in the mountains has been SO much more fun than urban geocaching. We don’t have to worry at all about muggles, the views are spectacular, the geodogs can be off leash exploring, we’re surrounded by nature, and -sigh- just plain perfect! A little sad Clover couldn’t come up here with us (she’s too young and spazzy, plus she is small and moves like a prey animal), but that’s ok.


Jeremy wore Blueberry on our hike today, and Pops loaned her his beanie.

We went looking for 3 geocaches, and started with the hardest/furthest up the trail one. Me-Ma and Pops and their geodogs went with us for the first two.

Geocache One: Phoenix Rising

This one had a gorgeous view overlooking Lake Arrowhead and Victorville and the desert out that direction. Unfortunately we didn’t find this one, but now that we know what the containers look like (the same guy hid all three of the ones we were searching for today). But we got some great shots along the way!




Geocache Two: Don’t Look UP

This one was a nice, awesome, easy cache! Beautiful views, and I’m glad they pointed out “Toboggan Hill.” I’m sure Blueberry will love coming here in the winter when she’s a little bigger! We swapped one of my signature ATC’s and a green army man for a Team Bremis signature geocoin and a pack of Harry Potter trading cards.


Forgot to snag a picture of the ATC and the cache itself.

After this one, we noticed the geodogs were getting pretty tired and ready to head back, so Me-Ma and Pops took them back to the cabin, while Jeremy, Blueberry, and I went off in search of the third one by ourselves.

Geocache Three: Can You Find a Quercus Lobata?

Another nice and easy one, not far off of a side street. Mellow little trail. Perfect for kids and geodogs! Careful of the thorny bushes.

Jeremy, Blueberry, and Skittles posing with the find:


And we swapped out one of my signature ATC’s for that awesome pair of pink kid sunglasses that Blueberry is rockin’ in that photo. Here’s another picture:


All in all, we totally love geocaching in the mountains, and we are definitely going to be hiding some of our own up here in the not-too-far-off future! I don’t think there can be too many geocaches in an area like this, considering how many really cool little trails and things run all through this area. Hope you enjoyed a little view of our adventures this weekend!



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