Spin-y Park and Night Cache-ing

So we decided that when we take the dog for walks, we’re going to try to go Geocaching or Atlas Questing at the same time. Clover is happy to be out and about. Blueberry is happy in her carrier. We are happy for the added excitement of looking for treasure!

Geocache One: Vista Bolsa Chica

Yesterday we went down to Spin-y Park (or, as the city calls it – Weider Park) to hunt for a couple of caches hidden there. The first one we went for there were a couple of teenage “muggles” hanging out near where it was hidden, so we decided to go after the second one, and then come back after.

Geocache Two: Squeezing One More in at Wieder

At the top of the bluff, heading towards the 2nd cache (can you see Skittles?):

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This was Blueberry’s second time facing outward in her carrier, and she loves it!

The view overlooking the Wetlands from the top of the bluff:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The field of daisies at the top of the bluff:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

When we got down to the area near where the 2nd one was hidden, there were some other muggles hanging out and chilling, so we decided to come back another day.

We went back up to the top of the bluff and around to the park again. The teenage muggles were gone, so we were able to hunt for the original cache we were going for. 🙂

KODAK Digital Still Camera

FOUND IT! I swear he was more excited than he looks in the photo, haha.

Because it was such a small container, there wasn’t much room in it to swap treasures. But someone had left a nice small rock in the bottom. So we swapped it out for some tiny origami stars, and a teacup sticker:

Vista Bolsa Chica

Then in the afternoon, my friend Ash sent me a text, asking about geocaching. I told her if she was interested in trying it out, she was more than welcome to come with us some time. We hadn’t been planning another adventure yesterday, but she sounded so excited that we decided to go search for a couple of easy ones in the Bella Terra area in the evening after the sun went down.

Geocache Three: Cache in a Field of Dreams

The first one we went after was on the campus of Goldenwest College. Nice, easy cache. Didn’t catch any photos of the search, but we swapped a container of bubbles for a little kid tambourine. Ash traded a lion coin thing for a lion stuffed animal.

Geocache Four: Ye Olde Geocache II

The next one we tried for was in Old World Village. The last note was that it was confirmed to be there, but we couldn’t find it. Perhaps because we were searching in the dark (and forgot to bring flashlights >.<, so we were using phones…). We’ll try again some time during the day.

Geocache Five: Dick’s Pick

The final cache we looked for yesterday was another successful one in the Michael’s parking lot near Dick’s Sporting goods. We swapped a Minnie Mouse/Daisy sticker for a little cupcake coin thing. Ash traded another coin thing (dunno if it was the zebra or the elephant) for a Hello Kitty coin thing. You can see the cupcake coin thing in the photo. It’s kinda small, but it’s there.



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