Yesterday I posted about our (unfortunately) anti-climactic Atlas Quest attempt down at Dog Beach… Today I have much better news! We went geocaching yesterday (with a handy little app I downloaded on my phone that turns it into a GPS!).

Geocache One: Louisiana Swamp in HB

Geocache Two: The Horse Course

Geocache Three: Rabbits’ Lair Redo

We made 3 attempts yesterday. The first 2 were sort of difficult ones, as we weren’t really sure what we were looking for. But the 3rd one we successfully found the cache!!

Rabbit's Lair Redo Cache

We signed the logbook, and swapped treasures. I left a 3D Artist Trading Card I had made a while back, and we took that cute little knit owl you see in the bottom corner. Isn’t he the cutest? I’ve decided to name him Skittles, and he is our new geocaching/adventure-having owl mascot! 🙂 Here’s a full body shot.

Skittles the Owl

Geocaching is decidedly fun, and so we made a trip to the local Dollar Tree to see if we could find some other treasures to swap with on future adventures. We found some little green army men, some Minnie Mouse stickers, and BUBBLES! I made little labels for the bubble containers, with the link to Clover and Blueberry on it, so if you found this blog because of the bubbles, LET ME KNOW! 🙂 Also, if you are the talented maker of that cute little owl, let me know that too! He is super awesome, and will be joining us on all future adventures!


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