Atlas Questing


A few days ago, Jeremy and I took Clover and Blueberry on an Atlas Quest for the first time. Actually, it was Jeremy’s first time too!

For those of you that don’t know what Atlas Quest is, it is very similar to geocaching, and is also known as letterboxing. If all of this is sounding like foreign gibberish, let me explain:

Somebody hides a secret little box with stuff in it, and you go on a treasure hunt for it. Depending on whether you are on an Atlas Quest, or hunting for a geocache, the box will contain different stuff, and you go about finding it in different ways.

In geocaching, the box will contain a bunch of little treasures other people have left behind. You take a treasure, and leave another in its place. To find the box, you are given GPS coordinates, and need a GPS tracker. Sometimes, you have to be clever and solve a riddle to discover the coordinates.

With Atlas Quest, the box contains a stamp and a journal. You have your own stamp and journal. You stamp their stamp in your journal, and your stamp in their journal. All of the stamps in your journal signify all of the adventures you’ve had! To find the box with Atlas Quest, you are given a series of clues or directions to follow to find the location of the box. Some people are clever and make the clues into cute little rhymes and things.

So we decided to go hunting for one that I have found before (albeit, years ago) down by Huntington Dog Beach. Unfortunately, the box was no longer there – the city had cut back some of the plants that worked to conceal the box, and probably threw the box away, thinking it was trash. We did have a fun time searching for it, though. And Clover and Blueberry enjoyed their trip to Dog Beach, even if we weren’t able to add a stamp to our journal to commemorate the trip… Maybe next time!

4-27-14 Dog Beach


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