The Story of the Pink Elephant Feetie Pajamas

The story of the pink elephant feetie pajamas is meant to be a funny one. It is also meant to be a “learn from our mistakes” type of story. It is the story of how my little Blueberry ended up with not one, but two pairs of identical pink elephant feetie pajamas, and why I was ok with this.

For those of you who follow @CloverBlueberry on twitter, you’ve probably seen these pink elephant feetie pajamas before. For those of you that don’t, you should totally follow @CloverBlueberry on twitter… and also here’s the pajamas I’m referring to:

1 Month

Now, this outfit was supposed to be her coming home outfit. But for those of you that remember her very first whiteboard picture, she was not wearing this cute little ensemble.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

See? Purple polar bear. Not pink pachyderms.

After I had Blueberry, I unfortunately had to be transferred to the hospital for observation. You can read all about THAT adventure in my post titled “My Birth Experience.”

Jeremy had changed Blueberry’s diaper only once while we were at the midwife’s clinic, and one of the midwives was there to help talk him through it. Once we got to the hospital, I was too exhausted to get out of bed, and he was on his own. He unbuttons her cute little pink elephant feetie pajamas, opens up her diaper, gets her all cleaned up, and then takes the old diaper out from under her butt. Before his inexperienced hands can shake open a new diaper and get it settled under her bum, she decided it would be a fantastic time to poop.

All. Over. Her. Pink. Elephant. Feetie. Pajamas.

It was like someone turned on the soft serve machine at the local DQ. And for those of you that have ever had a baby, you know just what newborn baby poop is like. Sticky black tar comes to mind.

Jeremy just watched with horrid fascination as she just kept going and going and going. I just laid on the bed laughing and laughing and laughing. Finally she stops, and Jeremy looks over to me with these big, pleading eyes, “Help?”

I managed to get out of bed and shuffle over to the table he was changing her at. “Well, that’s gotta go…” I said, still laughing, and pulled the baby out of her pink elephant feetie pajamas, and wrapped her up in a fresh clean diaper. There was absolutely no hope for those poor pajamas. They went straight into the trash can at the hospital. Unfortunately, being a first-time mom, I had not packed a backup onesie for her, so she spent the rest of the day snuggled up in a blanket with me until one of our parents brought her some spare clothes.

When we got home, I lamented the fact that they were gone. They were the only article of clothing we had bought for her (everything else was gifts from other people), and we had picked the outfit out special for her. We made the decision to go out and buy another pair of the pink elephant feetie pajamas, so I could dress her in them and take adorable pictures.

Moral of the Story:

1. Always have the next diaper ready (and preferably already under the baby’s butt) when you take the dirty one away.

2. When you go into labor, always have a spare onesie for the baby, just in case YOUR little Blueberry decides to poop all over their too!

3. Laugh it off! Parenting is hard, we are all going to make mistakes – especially the first time around! Clothes can be replaced, and memories like this will last a lifetime!



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