The Battle Begins

If you only know one thing about Jeremy, it’s that he loves hockey. Specifically the Pittsburgh Penguins. Me? I’ve always rooted for the Anaheim Ducks. Growing up in Huntington Beach, I used to love going to see the Ducks play.

But now we have a problem. Little Blueberry hasn’t chosen a team yet! How can we possibly exist in a household where one of the members is undecided?! It just… no. No, I can’t accept it.

I was talking about this little issue to one of my coworkers, who proposed a very intriguing idea. The Penguins are the No. 1 seat in the East, and the Ducks are the No. 1 seat in the West. There’s a pretty good chance they could both make it all the way. Should both teams make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, whichever team is victorious gains Blueberry’s lifelong loyalty.

Jeremy and I have both agreed this is a fair and noble way to decide (and far less messy than a fight to the death with katanas… or nerf guns, which is our usual method of problem-solving). Stay tuned, folks! Blueberry’s loyalty is up for grabs!

04.18.14 04.19.14




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