So, I don’t often go on rants about stuff, but I think now I am going to…

This rant is about preemie diapers. Now, when Charlotte was born, we had newborn sized diapers and we had size 1 diapers. People always told us to make sure we had some of the larger size just in case she was a large baby and wouldn’t fit into the newborn size for long. What we didn’t have (because we didn’t realize we would need them) was preemie size diapers.

Now, most people need preemie size diapers because they have preemie babies. We happened to need preemie diapers because, while Charlotte was full term, she was only 6 lbs, and very very thin. The newborn size just slipped right off her bottom when you went to put any clothes on her. We made due for a couple of days, but when my mom offered to pick up a couple things for us from the store, I begged for some preemie diapers.

The first problem we ran into was that NO ONE CARRIES PREEMIE DIAPERS! With 10 bazillion different kinds of diapers on the market, you would think that stores like Albertson’s, CVS, Walgreens, and Ralph’s would carry at least one brand of preemie diapers in store. Alas, they do not. My mom had to go to 5 different stores to find preemie diapers. Eventually she found 3 small packages at Target, but only got 2 of them because she felt bad taking all of them just in case some other poor soul came looking for them and found none.

Well two packages lasts about 4 days… so she tried to find some more for us. Unfortunately, when she went to the other Target, they were out as well. Her local Walmart grocery had 1 small package.

Finally she got fed up driving to every store from here to kingdom come, and decided to go right to the source – Babies ‘R’ Us. You’d think a store that specializes in baby stuff should for sure have lots of preemie diapers, and plenty of options, maybe even some bulk boxes, right? Apparently, you’d be wrong… Babies ‘R’ Us only had 6 small packages, and there were no bulk options at all – in stock or not.

The real problem we had with Babies ‘R’ Us, however, was the sale they had going on. When you buy two packages of 28+ diapers, you get 1 free. Awesome right? Unless you need preemie diapers. See, the biggest package of preemie diapers they sell is 27.

Then you look at the price of the diapers to begin with… and it gets even more frustrating. Larger sizes of diapers are $9 for 28 diapers. Preemies? $12 for only 27. That’s 1/3 more per diaper, and you can’t even take advantage of the diaper sale!

Now, the real obnoxious part (can you believe this could even GET more obnoxious?) isn’t even with the retailers. It’s with the manufacturers. None of them (NONE OF THEM) offer bulk boxes of preemie diapers! Most people who have babies that need those diapers are already having to contend with babies that are too small, potentially sick and needing extra medical care as it is, and they can’t even get a decent deal of freaking diapers! I’m sorry, but that is just beyond my ability to comprehend.

I know this doesn’t affect most of you, and while I was lucky enough to have a baby that isn’t sick, just small… there are a lot of people that this does affect. It just doesn’t seem fair or right to me to penalize people for having a small child…


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