Cupcake Challenge (Day 2)

Today I made two kinds of cupcakes – chocolate with chocolate frosting and vanilla with vanilla frosting.

I decided to make two mini batches because we were going over to Jeremy’s parents’ house for dinner, and I wanted to bring cupcakes. His dad likes generic-flavored cupcakes (plain vanilla or plain chocolate), so I thought I’d try to fix the problems I had with the chocolate from yesterday, and try out the vanilla at the same time.


Once again, the frosting was delicious! Tastes a lot like the chocolate frosting you buy at the store, but the texture was better. The cake was much better this time. More flavorful and chocolatey and less flour-tasting. 🙂


The vanilla cake was spongy, but the flavor was good. Next time I’m going to try baking at a slightly lower temperature for a little longer. And maybe not cooking two different batters at the same time… But the frosting, again, was delicious. A little oily (will cut down on the butter a little), but perfect once you refrigerated the cupcakes for a few minutes. This one also tasted like a frosting from the store.

The only real problem I ran in to baking these cupcakes was dropping a glass jar full of cocoa powder… shattered it all over the kitchen floor. I had a hell of a time trying to get it all cleaned up while keeping the dog out of the kitchen. Cocoa powder is too fine to just sweep up with a broom, and the dog kept trying to sneak back into the kitchen, trying to lick it up of the floor. Glass and cocoa powder all over the place… fantastic combination for a dog to be trying to get in to.

At least I still have another full can of cocoa powder to make more cupcakes!


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