12 Weeks

Hurray! Finally out of the first trimester into starting the 2nd!

Some new symptoms these past two weeks… I had my first (and so far only) bout of morning sickness. Btw, it’s super fun throwing up in a trash can at work, unable to go home because no one else knows how to do your job… Just saying…

Been having some pretty nasty headaches. Couple of migraines. And I can’t figure out if they’re from being hungry, thirsty, tired, or just from general work-related stress (which, at my work, operates under the pseudonym “Thomas”).

Also, allergies. OH MY GOD THE ALLERGIES! The other day I seriously thought I was dying! My nose was running like a freaking faucet, sinuses completely clogged, sneezing uncontrollably, itchy watery eyes, could only breathe out of my mouth so I woke up with a terrible sore throat and no voice.

My conversations at work the next morning went something like this:

(Me barely able to whisper) “Hi, how are you today?”

(Customer leaning closer) “What?”

“Did you find everything you were looking for today?”


“That’ll be 9.78.”


At that point I pretty much just gave up and pointed to the total on the screen…

“Oh, ok.”

I nod and smile, and they take their things and leave.

One great thing about the past couple weeks – things have actually started sounding good again! Like, not just tolerable, but actually GOOD! Downside is most of the stuff I’m used to eating on a regular basis (soups for lunches, our usual go-to dinners, etc) still sound just plain awful. It’s meant more eating out than I like, but when the options are eat something that sounds good, even if it costs more, or cook and home and feel sick the rest of the night, it’s not much of an argument, really.

Some super good news: WE’RE MOVING!

We finally found a place, and got the phone call this morning letting us know that (1) we were approved, and (2) we can move in on Saturday. 🙂 We’re super excited. It’s only a block or so away from where we live now, so it should be a pretty easy move, and between my SUV and Jeremy’s truck, we won’t even need a moving van or anything.

We started packing today, and are making decisions about which pieces of furniture are going to come with us, and which we will be getting rid of. Living in a large 3-bedroom kind of spoiled us as far as space, and pretty much all of the “communal furniture” (couch, coffee table, dining table, etc) belonged to either me or Jeremy, so we have a lot of decisions to make regarding what we’re keeping or donating.

Anyway, we’re super excited to be moving out by ourselves, and being able to start prepping for our little newcomer. The new neighborhood is totally pet-friendly, smoking-free, and even has a pool. Very nice considering the place we’ve been living now (you know, complete with rats, flies, and … the masturbating hobo – which is the terrible, but true story of my ex leaving for work at 3.30 in the morning only to see a hobo standing on the sidewalk a couple houses down jacking off … for real). Yea, needless to say – we are VERY happy to be moving.

At my last doctor’s appointment, we actually got to see our little munchkin moving around! It was laying on its back, waving its little limbs around. As soon as she went to focus in on it to get a better view, though, baby decided they didn’t want a glamour shot, and rolled over away from us, keeping us from seeing anything in any detail after that, haha.

If little nugget decided to be cooperative at the next doctor’s appointment in a couple of weeks, we should be able to find out the gender, which we’re very excited about. 🙂


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