Old Wives Tales

This is entirely for fun, and not at all to be taken seriously. These are old wives’ tales, and I really won’t know which are “true” and which are “false” until much later, but that’s ok. I thought I’d have a little fun anyway.

1. Heartburn = baby with a full head of hair. No heartburn so far, but both myself and Jeremy were born with a full head of hair

2. Baby’s heartrate: Above 140 bpm = girl. Below 140 bpm = boy. Now, I’m not 100% sure, because the technician didn’t tell us the exact number, but I’m pretty positive it was above 140bpm. I was in marching band for 4 years, so I have a decent judge of how fast 140bpm should be, and I think it was faster (so, girl). I’ll try to remember to ask at my checkup next week.

3. Carrying high = girl, carrying low = boy. I’m really not far enough along yet for this one… Ask me again in 10 more weeks.

4. Mayan legend: Age of mother at conception + year of conception = even/odd number. Even number = girl. Odd number = boy. According to this (23 years old + 2013 = 2036), we’ll have a girl.

5. Acne: yes = girl. No = boy. That’s a big fat yes for me. Girl again.

6. Cravings: Salty = boy. Sweets = girl. Mosly I’ve been craving cheese… but when it comes to sweet vs salty, I’ve definitely been craving sweet more. Girl.

7. Time of conception: whoever was most aggressive in bed at time of conception is the opposite gender of the baby. Lemme just ask: where do these things come from? With that question in the universe for you to ponder, one MORE point for girl.

8. Moodiness: If you are moody, you’ll have a girl (extra hormones or something), and if you are happy more, you’ll have a boy (something about having a little penis inside you… yea…). Remember my post from yesterday about snapping a bunch? Girl  wins again.

9. Chinese gender chart: (claims to be 90% accurate – takes into account mother’s age at conception, and month of conception). Finally a boy on the board!

10. Dreams: You will dream about the opposite gender from what you’re having. Well, so far I’ve had a dream about both genders… so unless I’m having a hermaphrodite, I don’t really have a solid answer for this one…

11. Bread: If you eat the bread butts, you’ll have a boy. If you eat the middle of the loaf, a girl. I’ve never eaten the bread butts. We always saved them to give to the ducks at the park… Girl again.

12. Creature of grace and agility: If you are graceful during pregnancy, you’ll have a girl. If you’re clumsy, you’ll have a boy. I’m not graceful normally, and pregnancy has been no different so far. I almost fell over today just trying to stand up. Point for boy.

13. Side preference: if you prefer laying on your left side, boy. Right side, girl. I almost always prefer my left side. Boy again.

14. Breast size. Left breat is bigger = girl. Right breast bigger = boy. Jeremy just commented the other day that my right breast looked a little fuller. Boy.

15. Morning sickness: Smooth sailing = boy. Sick/very nauseous = girl. No puking for me, but I have definitely been feeling sick. Girl again.

16. Areola changing color: darkened = boy. Stayed same color – girl. Girl again (not that anyone cared).

17. More cravings: Meat and cheese = boy. Yup, boy again.

18. Feet temp: Cold feet = boy. Same as before = girl. Mine have stayed the same. Girl.

19. Headaches: More = boy. Haven’t had any in years until last week. Chalk me up for another boy.

20. Baby names: When you can only think of names for one gender, you will more likely have that gender. We’ve already agreed on a name for a girl, but no real ideas for a boy. Girl point.

21. Lastly, I promised a current study that claims to be accurate over 97% of the time.

This is the study that was done (on over 5000 women): http://hcp.obgyn.net/fetal-monitoring/content/article/1760982/1878451

Basically the study says that in your first trimester ultrasound *must be in the first trimester), if the placenta goes to the right, you will have a boy. If the placenta goes to the left, a girl. The placenta is not easily seen in all ultrasound pictures (our technician actually moved the wand quite a bit for us to see our babies, but it was unmistakeably going towards my left side).

According to this, we’re having a girl.

Total tally: Girl: 12 Boy: 6

So according to all of this (nonsense), we’re more likely having a girl. We will definitely let you know in 6-10 weeks when we find out!! 🙂

Were these old wives tales true for you? What about the study I linked to at the bottom?


One thought on “Old Wives Tales

  1. Hmmm, interesting guide. Welp, here comes the party pooping… We already have gotten confirmation on gender, so I can tell you that the only one that is true for us is #16. Every other one, including the supposedly “97% accurate” method is wrong. Best not to spend your time worrying about it, you’ll find out when it’s visible on the ultrasound. 😛


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