10 Weeks

This week has been a whole mess of fun symptoms, let me tell you!

I have been extremely lucky (please, please, PLEASE don’t hunt me down with pitchforks, fellow expectant mamas) in avoiding the dreaded morning sickness thus far. Nausea? Yes. Plenty of that to spare. Actual puking? None. Nada. Zip. Thank the freaking heavens!

I like to think that it’s largely due to the fact that even under normal flu-like circumstances, I really don’t puke much. In fact, the only times I can remember hurling in the past 10 years or so have all been medication-related, or airplane-related. Two counts of medicines: once was an acne pill my doctor prescribed when I was in high school, and the other was vicodin on an empty stomach after having my wisdom teeth pulled (I was still a little loopy from all the fun of the knock-out gas the day before and couldn’t figure out how to read a bottle of pills before downing one with a glass of water. Spent the rest of the day on the phone begging anyone, someone, PLEASE come over and put me out of the medicine-induced-misery that was puking with fresh, open wounds in my mouth… all. day. long.)

The only other vomit-related incidences for me have been airplane related. You know how some people get seasick? Yea, well I get airsick. After a couple of transatlantic plane trips, however, I’ve finally figured out the cure for me. Down enough dramamine to drown a cat, and attempt (or at least feign) sleep the entirety of the ride. I’ve learned I don’t ACTUALLY have to be asleep. Just putting my head down on the fold-down tray and closing my eyes for 5 hours seems to be enough.

Anyway. Nausea – still not much fun. Had to leave work early the other day because I was utterly and entirely convinced that I was about to start spewing my dinner all over the break room, and when I got up and started walking around, the nausea only got worse. Things that bring on the stomach churning for me include (but are not limited to): walking too fast, bending over at the waist, any type of pressure on my stomach (thank you dog, for insisting on walking across my bloated, achy stomach every single chance you get), men’s cologne/after-shave/shampoo/body wash/etc, anyone that smells like cigarette smoke (even faintly), body odor (thank you Home Depot customers, for not wearing deoderant and than insisting on leaning over my counter/closer to me as I’m helping you. No, me backing away does not mean take a  step closer. I can talk to you just fine from two paces back, thank you very much), certain foods (the ones I noticed the past couple of weeks in particular: “crockpot chicken,” warmed up tortillas, toasted bread/bagels, the soup I eat for lunch every day at work, dog food, my guinea pigs’ hay, my fish’s fish food… etc), and just waking up in the morning.

Now, everyone and their mother has head about nausea and morning sickness being common during pregnancy, but some of the symptoms I’ve been having are a little less-talked-about, but I’VE certainly noticed them. Guys, do any of these sound like your wives/girlfriends while pregnant?

Irritable, cranky, tired, weepy, one minute happy and excited, the next minute bawling because someone wished YOU congratulations and didn’t say the same to her?

I’m just kidding about that last bit. Well, that did happen. But I didn’t cry. Yet. They still haven’t said congrats to me yet, but it makes me more irritated than weepy.

But yes, I have been a little more… prone to snapping at people lately. Sort of like right before I start my period, but that usually only lasts a day or so. Just this week I’ve snapped at Jeremy at least twice (the most memorable being the “rice in the burrito” incident), one of my managers, my dog (… I may have literally barked/growled at my dog after she chewed up my 5th pair of underwear in less than 2 weeks… I’m not proud), and almost lost it on my roommates twice (both times Jeremy was able to intercept me and calm me down before I went all raging bitch mode on them… but it was a close call). Luckily I’ve had Jeremy and a friend at work on hand to remind me that I’m being overly-emotional and that my snapping isn’t going to fix things. What’s done is done, so just eat the damn burrito that Jeremy was nice enough to bring you at work, and pretend it doesn’t have rice in it, ok?

General weepy crying-ness. Yes. I don’t know why – maybe it’s the fact that one roommate moved out today, and the other is moving out tomorrow, maybe it’s the fact that Jeremy and I still don’t know which of three apartment complexes we’re going to be trying to get an apartment in at the end of the month, or maybe it’s the fact that the goddamn rats that infest our current residence (hence, the mass-move-out) got to the power cord for the internet today (and good god man, how am I going to go another three to four weeks without access to the internet or tv or OMG THE INTERNET!), but I’ve been one hot mess these part few days… err… week.

Ignoring the entire rat issue, which is a whole slew of issues unto itself, today’s weepiness was brought on by the reminder that when I was in high school, everyone told me I was “going places.” Now, at the time, I assumed those places would be college, or law school, or medical school, or wherever my happy little heart desired. It isn’t until now, 5 years after graduating, with no degree to show for it, I realize that in order for me to “go places,” I kind of have to decide where I want to go… and I never really made that decision. Anyway – cue the waterworks.

Another really annoying symptom: insomnia. Now, I’ve suffered from insomnia off and on for most of my adolescent and adult life, so to some extent my body is already used to weird hours, and finding ways to sleep when I can, regardless of what is considered to be “normal.” But the type of insomnia I usually suffer from is the inital falling-asleep variety. Where I lay down in bed and just can’t shut my brin up. I’ve read articles about it, talked to my doctor about it, and have found some tricks to help alleviate it for the most part (playing soft music to keep my brain occupied JUST enough to let me doze off, not hanging out on my bed unless I’m trying to sleep (used to love sitting on my bed while I was reading or crafting), going to bed with a full tummy, etc). None of that prepared me for this: waking up at 2 in the morning to go pee, and then, despite being absolutely exhausted, not being able to go back to sleep.

See, the old form of insomnia came from not being able to get my brain to shut the hell up and let me sleep. This new, fun brand is more about staring at the ceiling blankly for hours on end, with no other thought than “dear god, please let me fall asleep soon. dear god, please let me fall asleep soon…” etc etc.

Someone pointed out that this is my body’s way of prepping me for having a baby that needs to be fed every few hours in the middle of the night. I pointed out that the baby crying should be sufficient to wake me up, and this particular symptom is more akin to torture than anything remotely usefull to me at this stage in my pregnancy. Albeit, some day I may be thanking my stars that my body “prepped” me for hours of sleeplessness in the middle of the night, but I somehow doubt it. I can’t imagine the sleeplessness later being any easier due to my being sleepless now, but what the hell do I know? This is my first time around the block, so maybe this is just me being moody again…

I think the only symptom I’ve had thus far that hasn’t made me consider checking myself into an institution for further evaluation has been my nail growth. My whole life I’ve been in the nasty habit of biting my nails. When I got engaged a little over two years ago, I decided once and for all that I was going to stop, because I wanted long, pretty, beautifully French-manicured nails at my wedding – and not the acrylic kind!

I actually did it, too! My nails were freaking awesome at my wedding! Super long, beautifully painted… and also terribly weak from all the years of knawing them down to the quick… So when I started working at Home Depot, it wasn’t long until my nails began breaking quite regularly. Even as a cashier, I did enough damage moving things in and out of people’s carts, bags, and operating the register, that my nails were pretty much just sad and pathetic again. And once they looked sad and pathetic, the old habit of biting them started coming back. It wasn’t until I started painting them regularly that I was once again able to quit that habit.

Now, though? They’re long again! I’m sure it helps that as a Head Cashier, I spend a lot less time at a register handling merchandise than I used to, but I swear that my nails are growing way faster than they were before – and they’re much thicker and stronger! It’s gotten to the point that I pretty much have to repaint my nails because they’re growing out, rather than because they’re all chipped from work!

I took my first pregnancy photo this week. I’ll post it on here once I can figure out how to get the picture from Jeremy’s iPhone to my iPad (I’m really not very tech-savvy). Most of you will probably think I’m crazy, but I swear I’m starting to show already! Although it’s really just me being bloated, as my uterus is not actually high enough to make any kind of real impact yet, I’ve already had to undo my belt buckle a notch. Luckily for me, my regular work-jeans were hand-me-downs that were already a size or so too big (hence the belt), so I should be able to get away with wearing them for a little longer than is usual, which makes me incredibly happy. 🙂 I am also grateful my mom helped me get a couple of cute maternity shirts and things, as some of my tank tops and t-shirts are already starting to ride up. Not enough to pack them away for post-baby just yet, but I can’t believe it’s made this much of a difference yet.

For work I tend to wear a tank top with an overshirt, which has actually been incredibly successful at hiding my bloaty pregnant belly so far, and I think a couple of them will probably continue to do a pretty good job of that for another month or so before I really start to balloon out.

In the meantime, I’ve been devouring practically every blog, article, and website I can find about everything pregnancy and baby-related. Breastfeeding, birth stories, baby showers, registry tips and checklists, what to know when bringing baby home, cloth diapers vs. disposables… freaking everything I come across, I absorb. It’s probably some form of OCD, but I have a pretty strong feeling I’m not alone. I can’t be the only one simply scouring the internet for every baby source imaginable. And I must say that most of what I’ve been reading has actually been pretty reassuring – then again I’ve been trying to steer clear of the horror stories…

Everything I’ve read says that everything I’ve felt and gone through so far is totally and completely normal. Perhaps it’s just because I’m still only in the first trimester, and this isn’t totally “real” yet, but I really haven’t been panicking as much as I thought I would. Then again, I was a nanny for a while, so I tend to think I have at least a TINY bit of insight into what’s in store. Poor Jeremy, on the other hand? I don’t think he has ANY clue what he’s in store for.

Wow I just realized that this has been an absolutely humungous post. If you’ve stuck with me this long, THANK YOU! If not, I really don’t blame you, haha.

My next post is going to be about gender – old wives tales, and a current study that claims it can predict gender at 6 weeks with over 97% accuracy!


One thought on “10 Weeks

  1. Glad to be of service during “Burrito-gate 2013.”

    And to get the photo, use the ipad to email the photo to the email address your phone is linked to. open the email and press and hold your finger to the image. the “Save Photo” tag will pop up and you can save it to that device.


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