PHEW! Now that Jeremy’s dad knows, I am so relieved!

I can’t believe it went as smoothly as it did, honestly. When Jeremy handed him a piece of birthday cake, he also handed him a napkin that said “You’re a grandpa!” on it.

It took him a few minutes to see the note, but once he did, he actually turned to Jeremy’s (newly married) sister, and glared at her for a good 30 seconds (while she shook her head no). It was at that point I burst out laughing – I don’t know WHY it was so funny – and told him he was looking at the wrong kid.

After another glare – this time aimed at Jeremy – and an “I thought I taught you a little better than this,” he actually congratulated us!

So for now I guess I just get to go back to reading old wives tales about how to tell the gender beforehand… and, you know, watching episode after episode of Psych. 🙂


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