Approaching 9 Weeks

As of this Friday, I will be 9 weeks along. All of the essential people in our lives know about the pregnancy (immediate relatives, roommates, supervisors at work), with one BIG exception. Jeremy’s dad.

His mom has known virtually as long as we have (we told both her and my parents the same day we found out), and frankly I don’t know how she’s managed not to tell him yet. Jeremy, his mom, and his sister are all worried he’s going to overreact (I mean, yes, we are young – 22 and 23, and we’re not married, but this is not unheard of, and we are self-sufficient). They seem to think that if we wait to tell him, he’ll react more to the fact that we didn’t tell him sooner than to the fact that I’m pregnant…

Now, I’m not 100% sold on this logic, but they swear it’s worked in the past, and frankly I don’t think it’s any of my business to be stepping in the middle of their family dynamic. If this is the way all three of them think it should be handled, who am I to come barging in and tell them differently?

However, now that we’ve set a time to tell him, I’m starting to get really nervous. This isn’t one of those decisions like “I decided to go to USC when the whole family went to UCLA,” type of things. This is actually a big deal. We’re having a BABY. What if he really does overreact? I’m prone to crying at the drop of a hat under normal circumstances, and while I’ve managed to hold myself (mostly) together so far in the pregnancy, I have a feeling that hearing how much of a dumbass myself and Jeremy are is not something I’ll be able to handle very well…

They decided that since he has vacation time this whole week, because of his birthday, that we should wait until after dinner on Sunday (the last day of his vacation) before giving him the news. Jeremy is taking him golfing on Saturday for his birthday (I think he’s hoping to get him nice and calm and relaxed). I’ve never been present for his dad getting told shocking news before, so I’m really not even sure what I should be hoping for… or fearing…

I mean, let’s be honest – Jeremy’s mom wasn’t thrilled to hear that we’re expecting. And we’ve gotten several lectures over the last month making it clear that she had hoped we would go about things in a slightly different order (not that life always gives you that option). But my parents actually handled it quite well. They really haven’t said anything other than that they would be as supportive as possible. My mom even took me shopping for some maternity clothes that I would be able to wear at work once my clothes don’t fit.

Then again, this is actually the same scenario that led to me being born, so I guess to some extent they don’t have any room to talk.

My brother has also been very silent on the matter, but then again he’s stationed out of state because he’s in the military, so I don’t get much opportunity to talk to him anyway. Jeremy’s sister has been awesome. Since we’ve been together, she’s become one of my closest friends, and I’m glad to have her around to help me get through the stress of all of this.

How did your relatives handle the news of your pregnancy? Did they freak out, or did they take it in stride?


One thought on “Approaching 9 Weeks

  1. Well, my family and my wife’s had the same reaction… “ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!”

    Very different circumstances though. I’m glad everyone took it fairly well though. That takes a lot of the stress off of you, I’m sure. Hopefully everything else goes so smoothly.


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